Comings-Goings-Transfers-Appointments (DOC)

Transfer to CRTC  -  Transfert au CRTC

SMS: better use of a crowded spectrum
Crane raises Cain till grounded
Communications bill re-introduced
Digital satellite communications
Saving lives by keeping tabs
GRS channel for emergency use only
TV direct from satellite to home? It's closer than you think.
Canada announces 1979 WARC proposals
Spectrum allocations: making a policy
Follow the guide for a tour of the international branch
Remaining rational in a changing world
Northern expectations: the need for improved services
Earth station policy widens ownership
Variable fee schedule new for radio licences
And now there are six... (Joanne McCourt)
Communications keep flood control afloat     
King family pleased with earth station
Taking a new look at personal radio



No. 19:February 1979

No. 20:April 1979

No. 21:May 1979

No. 22:August 1979

No. 23:December 1979


Winfield (Win) Hartlin

William Edward (Ed) Amell

George Henry Stewart

Albert (Bert) Bryand


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