Comings-Goings-Transfers-Appointments (DOC)
Pounding Brass - A True Story by Mike Connolly

Canadian delegation at CCIR Kyoto 1978

Standards to be set for TV games
Back to the books (Claudette Drisdelle)
How to capture a radio signal
Radio inspector invested in order (Benjamin Baker)
Satellite earth station licensing under review
DOC releases paper on spectrum allocations
How it was before radar: Reminiscences of Cecil Kenny
GRS "here to stay"
Growing attachments
Electronics for beginners
An east coast CB summer
Department computerizes the West Coast
Electromagnetic woman
Organizational shuffle, result of management study
Everything you always wanted to know about interference
Saudi visit underlines Canada's expertise
Packet radio: wave of the future

Canadian amateurs receive ITU award

Pacific Region - Annual Regional Workshop



No. 16:May 1978

No. 18:November 1978


Joe Stevens

Bill Wilson


Joe Stevens

Bob Ferguson