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I happened upon your website through a Facebook post someone had made earlier today.  My father’s name was mentioned in the article called “Montague Monitoring Station - Policing The Airwaves”.  I assume from the article, that it was written in 1962.

1962  -  Montague Monitoring Station  -  Policing The Air Waves 

My father was Albert Bryand, but he was known to everyone as Bert.  He was a radio operator on merchant ships during WWII, and went to work with the Dept of Transport (at that time) as a Radio Regulations operator around 1954.  His first posting was in Churchill, Manitoba.  From there, he went Hartlen’s Point, NS, before being brought over to Montague, Prince Edward Island in 1961.  He remained there until his retirement due to health in 1979 at the age of 55.  He passed away in December of 2000 at the age of 76.


An active ham radio operator, he made many friends from all over the world, and would spend hours during his retirement listening to his radio and translating morse code to paper, which helped to keep his mind sharp.  He loved what he did, and I think he would have much rather have been working, but health reasons were what caused him to retire.  That crew that came over to Montague in 1961 were all great friends, a and many of their children became great friends as well. 


I’m not sure if this information is of any use to you, but I though it might interest you.  If you’d like, I’ll try to get a couple of pictures of him for you.




Sean Bryand
Charlottetown PE

21 December 2020

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Albert (Bert) Bryand

1924 - 2000


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  1962  -  Montague Monitoring Station  -  Policing The Air Waves