DOT Officials at World Conferences


The Department of Transport's importance in world affairs is indicated by the many international conferences attended by senior officials. To mention a few in the last several months:


Dr. W.L. Godson, superintendent of atmospheric research for the Weather Service of D.O.T., represented Canada at two international conferences. At Ravensburg, Germany, he attended a symposium on atmospheric ozone held by the Ozone Committee of International Association of Meteorology. There he delivered a paper "The Determination of Vertical Distribution of Ozone from Infra-Red Observation", and was named to serve on an international panel investigating this field.


The second conference attended by Dr. Godson was at Oslo, Norway. This was with NATO countries. It was a week's symposium on the atmosphere in the Arctic regions arranged by NATO's advisory group for aeronautical research and development. Dr. Godson presented a paper there also "Canadian Studies of the High­Latitude Stratosphere Jet Stream in Winter" .


Keith McLeod, Superintendent of Public Weather in the Met Service, is representing Canada at the World Meteorological Organization Meeting at Geneva, October 16.


Captain W.E. Harrison of the Steamship Inspection Service will attend an International Labour Organization Conference in Geneva as an adviser on dock­side safety. He is a specialist in nautical matters and has been with DOT since 1948 as a steamship inspector dealing with the implementation of the regulations governing the safe operation of ships.


Captain G.L.C. Johnson, O.B.E., Assistant Chief of the Nautical Division, was named to head a Canadian delegation to the International Labour Organization's Preparatory Technical Maritime Conference held in London, England, from September 19 to October 2. This conference was called by ILO for the purpose of preparing for a Maritime Session of the ILO (41st session) to be held in 1958. Captain Johnson has had particular experience in matters dealing with merchant seamen. He is a member of the Merchant Seamen Compensation Board.


L.E. Coffey, Assistant Chief Engineer in Radio Regulations Engineering, in charge of inductive interference, attended a meeting of the international special committee on radio interference July 23-27 in Brussels, Belgium. Mr. Coffey also represented Canada in the VIII Plenary Assembly of the International Radio Consultive Committee of the International Telecommunication Union held in Warsaw, Poland, from August 19 to September 13.


A/V/M A. de Niverville, Director of Air Services, was a delegate to the International Civil Aviation Organization Joint Support Conference held at Geneva. September 6. P.D. McTaggart-Cowan, Assistant Controller of Meteorological Services, also attended the meeting as a technical adviser. J.A. Irwin, senior representative of ICAO for Canada, was another Canadian delegate.


Mr. de Niverville also attended the Farnborough Air Show in England, where 338 manufacturers exhibited aircraft, the largest yet held. This annual air show is sponsored by the Society of British Aircraft Constructors.


J.R.K. Main, Assistant Controller of Civil Aviation, was also a visitor at the air show.


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