Frank VanderZande Recalls....


I was in Resolute Bay in 1968/69.  When the marine position was open during summer months I believe we used VFR on cw marine frequencies  VFR4 was used on the point to point circuits.  I dont recall using LF point to point. We were connecting  with Alert, Mould Bay, Eureka, Isachsen, Sachs Harbour for weather information using SSB.  I can't remember the exact frequencies but believe we had 4, 5 and 9 Mhz frequencies.


When I was in Churchill in 1963 the point to point circuit had some LF cw connections mixed with 4,5,9 MHz cw/ssb but I can't remember specific frequencies. 


Coral Harbour in 1964/66 had a mix of 4,5,9 Mhz cw/ssb circuits


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