Radio Regulations / Spectrum Management Regions





The five (5) Original Regions


Now Amalgamated

Into Three (3) Regions




Radio Regulations, now known as Spectrum Management, left the Federal Department of Transport (DOT) to become the Federal Department of Communications (DOC) in 1968. The DOC originally had five (5) regions: the Atlantic region, the Québec region, the Ontario region, the Central region and the Pacific region. The Central region was comprised of the three Prairie Provinces and part of the Northwest Territories (NWT). The eastern portion of the NWT was handled by the Quebec region.


In 1994, the Federal Department of Communications was amalgamated into the Federal Department of Industry and the Central region became the Prairie and Northwest Territories (PNWT) region, now responsible for all of the NWT. When Nunavut became an official Canadian Territory, the regional name was changed to Prairie Northern (PNR) region to more properly reflect its geographical boundaries.


In 2011, the Pacific region (BC and Yukon) and the Prairie Northern (PNR) regions were amalgamated to become the Western region. As well, the Ontario and Atlantic regions were amalgamated to become the Atlantic and Ontario region. Quebec Region did not change. The new Western region is the largest of the three regions, having with the most geopgraphical area and largest radio population.

W.M. (Bill) Klymochko, P.Eng.


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