Condolences for Henry Kieffer

Former Chairman of the Radio Regulations Board (RRB)

International Telecommunications Union (ITU)


On behalf of the management and staff of the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau and the RRB Members, we wish to submit our deepest condolences to the family and friends of our beloved Henry Kieffer, who sadly passed away on 28th of November.


Henry was for many years a very active member of the Swiss delegations to the most important and difficult ITU conferences and always enjoyed the high esteem of his colleagues. He was elected a member of the first RRB at the 1994 ITU Plenipotentiary Conference and served as RRB Chairman in 1996.


In all his activities, Henry was known not only as a highly qualified radio specialist but also as an objective and a very friendly person. His passing away is certainly a big loss for his family and for us all in the telecom/ICT family.


François Rancy, Director, Radiocommunication Bureau ITU


Julie Zoller, Chairman, Radio Regulations Board (RRB)

9 December 2011


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