C. C. I. R. Plenary Assembly


OTTAWA-A delegation of 19 Canadians, headed by D.O.T.'s H. J. Williamson, chief, technical and policy coordination, left for Geneva, Switzerland, in mid-January to attend the plenary assembly of the C.C.I.R. (International Radio Consultative Committee). The C.C.I.R. is a special committee operating under the auspices of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).


Four other D.O.T.'ers were in the delegation: W. J. Wilson, J. E. Wilson and D. L. Loftus, radio regulations engineering and W. A. C. Schultz, research and development. The remainder of the delegation was made up of representatives of the CBC, the Canadian Telephone Association, the Electrical Industries Association and National Defence.


The assembly, which convened on January 16 and continued to February 15, discussed technical and administrative subjects in the field of telecommunications. Canadian interests lay chiefly in the discussions of application of radio as pertaining to space activities and those concerning Canadian interests in radio astronomy.


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