Radio Interference affecting 23 Radio Detachment

of the Royal Canadian Air Force in Saint John, NB

Extracts from Daily Diary - National Archives of Canada

January 1, 1944 to September 30, 1944



20 Apr 1944


734 plots, longest range 52 miles, longest track 85 miles. Dept of Transport Radio Inspector called at Detachment concerning severe interference in locality, and arrangements were made with him to carry out field tests with their radio car on the following day. Weather: CAVU all day with scattered clouds in early evening and clearing later.


21 Apr 1944


405 plots, longest range 57 miles, longest track 93 miles. The Officer Commanding of 23 R Det made a field test for interference with Inspector from Dept of Transport to determine the extent of noise produced in radios of this vicinity. Results show that objectionable interference was created along the local power lines for a distance of two miles from the Detachment compound towards both Saint John and Rothesay. This interference is apparently created by the Thyratron Unit, which operates from the local power company's lines. A reduction of noise of approx. 50% was affected when the Thyratron was operated entirely from diesel generators. The Inspector left noise reducing equipment to be installed in an effort to eliminate the interference. Weather: CAVU all day with slight wind, and clouds in late afternoon, but clearing again at night.




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