Hanna, Alberta

Thursday October 17th, 1929


Radio Inspector Will Clean Up Interference


In response to the request of the Hanna Radio Club, Mr. H. Ainslee, of Calgary, Branch Radio Inspector, of the Department of Marine and Fisheries, Ottawa, has advised that he will be in Hanna in the course of the next week or ten days.


He is busy at present "cleaning house" at Medicine Hat, where Interference has become a pest to radio owners.


The local club is now taking a list of owners of various types of electrical devices, who are under suspicion of causing much trouble to radio reception, through their operators not keeping the devices clean and in good repair.


Mr. Ainslee stated that he will remain in the Hanna district until he has rounded up all interference and corrected it to the mutual benefit of all concerned. He does not think that any prosecutions will be necessary to owners of defective equipment, when the situation is explained to them and the necessary changes or repairs made to prevent Interference to the hundreds of radio receiving sets in this district.



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