License No. 167 to use Radiotelegraphy

Granted by the Department of the Naval Service

Dominion of Canada

Call Signal 3.N.K.


Issued In accordance with the provisions of the Radiotelegraph Act, Chapter 43, Statutes 1913, and the Regulations made thereunder.


The herein named Charles William Bailey, resident of Toronto, Ontario hereinafter called the licensee, is hereby licensed to establish and operate an amateur experimental radiotelegraph station situated at 346 Clinton St., Toronto, Ont., for the term of one year commencing on the first day of April, 1921 and terminating on the Thirty-first day of March,1922., and to install and operate at such station the apparatus mentioned in the schedule hereto, on payment of the sum of one dollar ($1.00) being the license fee for the privilege above named.


This license is subject to the said Act and Regulations and to the following terms, conditions and restrictions:—


1. In this license, the term ‘Minister’ means the Minister or the Deputy Minister of the Naval Service for the time being.


2. (I) The licensee shall not establish, install or operate any apparatus for radiotelegraphy, except the apparatus hereinafter called the ‘licensed apparatus specified in the said schedule hereto, nor use wavelengths other than those specified therein.


   (II) The licensee shall work the licensed apparatus solely for the purpose of conducting experiments in radiotelegraphy and for no other purpose whatever.


3. (I) The licensee shall so work the licensed apparatus as not to interfere with the working of any radiotelegraph station established in Canada or the territorial waters abutting on the coasts of Canada (whether on shore or on any ship), by or for the purposes of the Minister or any Department of His Majesty’s Government or for commercial purposes and in particular with the sending or receipt ‘of any messages between or at radiotelegraph statio ns established as aforesaid on land and radiotelegraph stations established on ships at sea.


  (II) With a view to preventing such interference as aforesaid the licensee shall comply with all directions which shall be given to the Licensee by the Minister and with all rules prescribed by the Minister for observance by hi~ licensees:—


(a) With respect to all arrangements to be adopted for the purpose of securing syntonised apparatus or for enabling the messages exchanged by means of the licensed apparatus to be distinguished from those emanating from any other radiotelegraph station;


(b) Generally with respect to avoiding interference between one radiotelegraph station and another.


4. The licensed apparatus shall not, without the consent of the Minister, be altered or modified in respect of any of the particulars mentioned in the schedule hereto.


5. (I) The coupling between the primary and secondary circuits of the oscillation transformer shall not be closer than that which gives a difference of 5% between the mean wave length and either of the two waves emitted by the coupled circuits.


(II) The logarithmic decrement per whole period of the emitted waves~ shall not exceed two-tenths.


6. The licensee shall not divulge to any person (other than the properly authorized officials of the Government or a competent legal tribunal) or make any use whatever of any message coming to the knowledge of the licensee and not intended for receipt by means of the licensed apparatus. The licensee shall exhibit at the said station a copy of Form No. W. 40, issued by the Department of the Naval Service.


7. The Minister or his officers may, from time to time and at all reasonable times, enter upon the herein licensed station, for the purpose of inspection, and may inspect any apparatus fixed or in use in such station, for the purpose of sending and receiving messages by radiotelegraphy and all other telegraphic instruments and apparatus fixed or being in such stations, and the working and user of such apparatus and telegraphi c instruments respectively.


8. All apparatus used or intended to be used by the licensee shall be so erected, fixed, placed and used as not, either directly or by reason of the working or user thereof, to interfere with the efficient or convenient maintenance, working or user of any telegraphic line.


9. The licensee shall at all times indemnify the Minister against all actions, claims and demands which may be brought or made by any corporation, company or person in respect of any injury arising from any act licensed or permitted by these presents.


10.The licensed apparatus shall only be worked by a person, or persons, holding an Amateur Experimental Certificate of Proficiency in Radiotelegraphy as provided for in Regulation No. 97 of the Minister’s Reg ulations.


11.The licensed apparatus shall be operated in accordance with the provisions of the Radiotelegraph Act and Regulations issued thereunder by the Governor in Council or the Minister and in accordance with such pro visions of the International Radiotelegraph Convention as are applicable to such operation.


12.Except with the consent in writing of the Minister the licensee shall not assign or sublet this license.


13. (1) The Minister may at any time in his absolute discretion give notice in writi ng to determine these presents and the license or permission hereby given at the end of one calendar month from the date of such notice, and at the expiration of that period the license or permission hereby granted shall cease and determine accordingly, but without prejudice to any remedy of the Minister under any provision herein contained on the part of the licensee to be observed and performed.


(II) The licensee shall, if so required by the Minister, cease to use the licensed apparatus for such period (not exceeding eight hours in any one day) as may be specified by the Minister.


14. In case of any breach, non-observance or non-performance by or on the part of the licensee of any of the terms or conditions herein contained and on the part of the licensee to be observed and performed, then and in any such case, the Minister may, by writing, revoke and determine these presents and the licensee, powers and authorities hereinbefore granted, and thereupon these presents, and the said licenses, powers and autho rities and each and every of them shall absolutely cease, determine and become void.


15. Nothing in these presents contained shall prejudice or affect the right of the Minister, from time to time, to establish, extend, maintain and work any system of radiotelegraphic communication (whether of a like nature to that hereby licensed or otherwise) , in such manner as he shall in his discretion think fit, neither shall anything herein contained prejudice or affect the right of the Minister, from time to time, to enter into agreements for or to grant licenses relative to the working and user of radiotelegraphs (whether of a like nature to those hereby licensed or otherwise), or the transmission of messages in any part of Canada, by means of radio telegraphy, with or to any person or persons whomsoever upon such terms as he shall, in his discretion, think fit.


16. Any notice, request or consent (whether expressed to be in writing or not), to be given by the Minister under these presents may be under the hand of any authorized officer, for the time being of the Department of the Naval Service, and may be served by sending the same registered post letter to the licensee, and any notice to be given by the licensee, under these presents, may be served by sending the sa me by registered post letter, addressed to the Deputy Minister of the Naval Services, Ottawa.


Source: From Spark to Space

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