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Hello Donald, little late in entering this site but prompted by Gordy Gwillim's letter. Gordon was at Ft. Mcmurray for a while before being posted to Ft. Simpson. Last time I saw Gordon, (if I remember correctly) he was heading north in a flying club reject, (a Jenny ?) two place open cockpit. Gord was flying from the rear cockpit as the front one held a ten gallon keg of fuel rigged as a back up supply, (obviously it worked).

Anyhow, a quick update of my DOT days, give or take a month or so:


June-December 1956 Radio College of Canada Toronto
January-March 1957 Edmonton weather training

April-September 1957 Embarras Airport

October 1957-April 1959 Sachs Harbour
May 1959 to summer 1971/72 Ft. McMurray


Left DOT for Great Canadian Oil Sands,(now Suncor) etc etc, Quit the work force April 2000. Will try a attachment if able to figure how. (see photos below). One annual sea resupply (fuel, chemicals, nonperishables,etc. Three RCAF SAR air drops with perishables, (food ,mail, etc.) The one before Xmas included the turkey and Xmas tree.

Regards to you Donald and any old DOT employees of the era when the Dept. ventured into the realm of civil aviation.

Pete welman

8 May 2023


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