Russ Stelmack


Former Radio Operator (RO) with the Department of Transport (DOT) and Radio Inspector (RI) with the Department of Communications (DOC). Also served as a Communications consultant with the BC Governement and as a Broadcast Specialist.

Ancien opérateur radio (RO) au ministère des Transports (MDT) et inspecteur radio (RI) au ministère des Communications (MDC). Il a également agi à titre de consultant en communications auprès du gouvernement de la Colombie-Britannique et de spécialiste de la radiodiffusion.



Can you please update my page. I have just recently found this site and like going through the names of the people that I have worked with, but wish more would have their names on the lists. Take care.

Stelmack Russell (Russ), VE7FA

Cranbrook, BC

25 January 2021


1959-1969 Radio operator Embarras. Edmonton, Beatton River, Yellowknife

1969-1972 Monitoring station Wetaskiwin

1972-1975 Regional Office and Field Office Winnipeg

1975-1990 Radio Inspector Kootenay B.C area (Cranbrook B.C.) 

1990-1995 Inspector in charge Kootenay B.C. area

1995-2000 Communications consultant B.C. Government Lands

2000-2005 Broadcast Specialist


Published in Communications Express, June 1991

Publié dans le Communications Express, juin 1991

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