Victor J. R. Brister


Started in 1936. Retired in 1966.

Débuta en 1936. Pris sa retraite en 1966.



Victor J. R. Brister, superintendent of radio regulations for Toronto region, retired in March 1966 after 30 years with the department.


A native of Dublin, Ireland, Mr. Brister joined the department as a radio operator in 1936 after serving at sea for a number of years. In 1938 he was promoted to radio technician and to technician in 1946. During those years he contributed his knowledge and skill to the establishment of range stations along the Northwest Staging Route and lighthouse stations in the Great Lakes.


In 1949 Mr. Brister was appointed a radio inspector and from 1953 to 1955 headed the Lakehead radio regulations office. In 1955 he moved to Ottawa on the staff of the controller of radio regulations. After two years at headquarters he was promoted to regional superintendent of radio regulations at Winnipeg.


In 1960 he was seconded to act as one of Canada's advisors at the International Conference on the Safety of Life at Sea held in London, England to draw up a new convention. In 1964 he was transferred to Toronto where he remained until his recent retirement.


Friends and colleagues from Toronto and Winnipeg regions, as well as from headquarters, honored Mr. Brister at a testimonial dinner on March 14. W. A. Caton, controller of radio regulations presented him with an album of Irish recordings and a gift of money after paying tribute to his noteworthy contribution to the department. (see photo)


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Department of Transport (DOT) Picnic in 1954