Cecil Mornington Brant


Cecil joined the Department of Transport (DOT) when Newfoundland joined Canada in 1949. He retired in 1967.

Cecil s'est joint au Ministère des Transports la même année que Terre-Neuve s'est joint au Canada. Il a pris sa retraite en 1967. .



1967 - Cecil Mornington Brant, Deputy Director of Air Services for the past six years and a veteran of more than 28 years' service with the Department of Trans­port, has retired.


Born at Holbeach, England, Mr. Brant received his early training at Chesterfield and later graduated from the London Polytechnic Institute.


He received his first training in radio at the Royal Air Force training school at Winchester and later attended McGill University, Montreal, in 1944 for post­graduate studies in electron physics and electrical engineering.


From 1926 to 1932 and from 1942 to 1946, Mr. Brant was in the RAF where he was successively senior signals officer, British West Indies, telecommunications engineering officer for the North Atlantic area and deputy chief signals officer at Montreal.


He retired from the air force with the rank of squadron leader.


In 1937, while an employee of the British Air Ministry, he was sent to Newfoundland to supervise construction of radio communications to set the stage for trans-Atlantic commercial aviation, first at Botwood and later at Gander.


Mr. Brant came to the Department of Transport on April 1, 1949, when Newfoundland joined Confederation.


He was appointed superintendent of radio regulations in 1953, named controller of radio regulations in 1956, made chief of technical and policy co-ordination in 1958, and appointed to his present post on Aug. 2, 1961.


Mr. Brant was honored by some 200 friends and colleagues from all across Canada at a reception and dinner last Sept. 28 in the International Ballroom of the Skyline Hotel in Ottawa.


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