Albert Berry


A radio monitoring pioneer. He retired in 1969.

Un pionnier dans la surveillance radio. Il a pris sa retraite en 1969.



Here is Albert Berry at the new Almonte monitoring station

in 1962 showing the General Radio frequency measuring equipment

to Headquarters brass ( Nixon, W. Smith and deNiverville).


Ron Powers recalls that Bert was OIC of Almonte when I was posted in march of 1965. He lived in Ottawa and was not a talkative person . Ron adds that before joining the Department, Bert was in the merchant marine before  the war, then moved to the met radio circuits in Dorval for traffic with EIP/ Shannon, then went to the Experimental farm to monitor the german sub-marines. He also was up north possibly to Mould Bay. He was a fine man and a good boss. 


Laval Desbiens,  18 April 2005


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