Arthur (Art) (A.M.F.) Beckett



He was first RO and then EL with the Department of Transport (DOT). He worked at Resolute, Toronto and Ottawa HQ. He was EL-8 in 1984. He retired in Ottawa.

Il a d'abord été RO puis EL avec le ministère des Transports (MDT). Il a travaillé à Resolute, à Toronto et au quartier-général à Ottawa. Il était EL-8 en 1984. Il a pris sa retraite à Ottawa.








Obituary - Avis de décès

Arthur (Art) (A.M.F.) Beckett



I wish to thank anyone involved for mention of my late father Arthur Beckett, also known by his initials A.M.F.


He died too soon at age 70 in July 1996 after a long career with Department of Transport.


Brian Beckett

December 18, 2013


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