What You Need to Know About Specialty Amateur Radio Clubs

The field of amateur radio is wide and deep. This hobby has all kinds of communities devoted to it. A specialty club focuses on one area of amateur radio hobby. Examples include use of certain technologies and kinds of operations. Many of the specialty clubs are not limited to one geographic area and have members from all over the world.

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To find a specialty club that corresponds to your interests; type in the name of your interest and the words “radio club” in a search engine of your choice. An example of a club that is focused on an operating interest is the 10-10 International Club. This club unites amateur radio operators from all over the world who prefer to use the 10-meter band, a very popular choice for low-power and mobile amateur radios. Every year the club sponsors several contests and gives out awards.

There is also the Six Meter International Radio Club. As is easy to tell from its name, the club promotes usage of the 6-meter band. This club also has contests and awards.

Another kind of a specialty club is a club that unites members for the purpose of participation in radio sports or contests. Such clubs are known as contest clubs.

Contest clubs challenge each other, sponsor competitions, issue awards, encourage and help their members to build stations that would allow the members to become contenders in competitions. One of the oldest clubs in the world is the Yankee Clipper Contest Club.

Amateurs that specialize in long-distance communication, also known as DXers, are usually not any less competitive than contest club members. Some of the DXers set a goal of contacting every country on every band of the amateur radio. This quest can easily last a lifetime and leads to DXers learning a lot about geography when a radio begins a transmission from some remote island.

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