Studying for Amateur Radio License Tests

While it is true that you can’t simply to go a store, get radio station equipment and start broadcasting, getting an amateur radio license is not an extremely complicated process. There are a lot of resources available to you so you can prepare well for the amateur radio exam.

If you can study with a partner, studying is likely to be much easier than if you do it on your own. It will help you with both sticking to your schedule and working through the areas of the exam that you find difficult.

In order to study for the test effectively, you need to know what the test includes. All the tests for different levels of amateur radio licenses are multiple-choice. There are no essays to write, no oral questions and no pictorial questions.

The test for each class of the license is known as an element. The Morse code exam tests your ability to receive messages in Morse code. This is Element 1. Element 2 is technician license exam. The General license exam is Element 3 and Amateur Extra license is Element 4.

All actual questions from the test are available to the public. When studying for an exam, you will encounter a large pool of questions. Your exam will consist of a random selection of these questions.

The test covers four subjects. They are rules and regulations, operations, basic electronics and RF safety. One of the temptations that you will have is to memorize the answers to the questions. This is not something you want to do because you want to actually understand the questions and the answers. This understanding will pay off in the long run after you get your license.

Some areas do require memorization and there is no way around it. These areas are the lists of allowed frequencies and the limits of your privileges.

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