Welcome to a website all about amateur radio. Amateur radio or ham radio was first made available to the public about 100 years ago.

Since then it has grown tremendously and turned into a worldwide community of licensed enthusiasts. People who love radio come from all backgrounds, all ages and live all over the world. There are people who have never spoken into a radio microphone and deep experts who were raised with a soldering iron in their hands.

Today amateur radios provide their users with a number of different options. There are traditional shortwave bands available, but there are also the Internet, lasers and microwave transmitters.

Amateur radio provides private citizens all over the world with the most powerful wireless transmission capabilities.

This hobby has plenty to offer and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

What makes the amateur radio different is that in order to enjoy it, you will need to study for a test, pass the test and get a license.

Once you pass the test, you can a lifetime credit. Your license will expire in ten years, but you will not need to take the test again in order to renew it.

If you have already received your license, this website will help you go from a listener to a doer.

Here you will find a lot of information about amateur radio fests and conventions, different types of radios and more.

If you are beginning your journey in amateur radio from scratch, you will learn about different kinds of amateur licenses, their history, and the requirements.