Meet Rick Gensiorek

Meet Bill Klymochko

Meet Dave Taschuk, SMO

Meet Jim Klassen

Meet Rob Longley

Interference To Air Traffic Control

The Range of Radio Frequencies

I remember when...

VoIP (Voice Over IP or Voice Over Internet)

Fighting fires in the Yukon and northern BC

The Build up to ISOC

Preparing for the New Area of Radio Astronomy

Spectrum Assumes Responsibility for U. S. Coordination

Tough Times Ahead for Satellite TV Pirates

Regional Operations - Spectrum Management (RCRO)

Wireless Priority Service (WPS) - Service prioritaire sans fil (SPSF)



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Ron Renneberg

Pat Bruce

Pritam Aulakh

Dorothy Swain

Watson Reed

Bernard (Bernie) Cormier


Jean-Charles Mondou

Maurice Estabrooks

Donald Lewes Hings

Carl Sidney Fleck