Comings-Goings-Transfers-Appointments (DOC)
New regulations prevent spectrum pollution
Auditor General praises spectrum management
Agreement on telecommunications regulations
Northern Radio Inspector Rolf Ziemann finds variety in job
Pacific Region responds to oil spill emergency
Act updated to keep pace with new radio uses
Communications on the air - VY9CC
Department walls have a new look
Airwave interference problem solved
Experiencing a different culture
Department demonstrates computer expertise
ITU conference deemed a success
More news about VY9CC
DOS Relocation
Women in Wireless
Computers help keep border airwaves clear
Gordon challenges Ontario Region


Communications Express

February 1989  -  Février 1989

April 1989  -  Avril 1989

June 1989  -  Juin 1989

September 1989  -  Septembre 1989

November 1989  -  Novembre 1989

December 1989  -  Décembre 1989

Central Region Premiere 2

January 1989   -   Janvier 1989

Central Region Liaison

December 1989


Fernand Lachaîne


Art Stark VE3ZS