Souvenirs from 1942 - 11 Days on the Alaska Highway (Edmonton Region Telecom)
Do It Yourself Organ Building (Ted Devey)
Suggestion Award (L. G. Nelson)
A Posting to Isolation (Arthur Healey)
Moncton Region Managers
Vacation Daze (Don McKinnon)

He Rides This Hobby At 100 Miles An Hour (Ted Powell)

Satcom - Canada's first satellite communications station
Administrative Telecommunications Agency (ATA) - First Telecom Course

November 1966 Management Courses



January-February 1966

March-April 1966

May-June 1966

July-August 1966

September-October 1966

November-December 1966


George Wells

George Phelps

A. J. Dawson

Clarence Edward Bolduc

Roland Chesley Peddle

Harry Allan

Victor J. R. Brister

Lawrence Oakley

Miss Emma Clarke


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